Dirty 305

November 29th, 2009
popphoto1 As most of you know -- because who doesn't read Pop Photo & PDN cover-to-cover every month, right? - - John Loomis Photography was featured in both industry mags' December issues.  First up, Popular Photography asks me "How to" (click on the image above to see it larger/clearer) in a re-cap of a Men's Health assignment that I shot in Quantico, VA on evolving real-world training methods for the Marines.  The original concept of the how-to was to show my select and then a bunch of crappy frames (I make a lot of those) which missed the mark, illustrating how-not-to, but they instead wisely chose a direct approach.  Important tip included in the story: I get dirty.  Thanks to Pop Photo's Debbie Grossman for reaching out to me, and to Men's Health Michelle Stark, for giving me the job (and excuse to get dirty) in the first place.  For those interested, the rest of short piece is below: popphoto2 Next up is Photo District News, who delivers an updated City Guide on Miami in their new issue, in which I'm quoted a few times - the most honest of which are not attributed, thanks Conor!  I haven't seen the print edition yet, but if its fun and/or has a sweet pic by yours truly in there, I'll update to let you have a nice chuckle. Working in Miami continues to be love/hate for me, but I do appreciate it a bit more now that I spend most of my time in NYC.  The people, attitude, traffic, pretentiousness, and $$ are hard to deal with... but the weather is insane and local color & backgrounds can be fantastic if you know where to look, plus I like pork sandwiches a lot.  Purely photographically-speaking it's not an easy place to be for any thing other than catalog or fashion shoots.  The local clients mostly pay terrible and demand the world, the pool of assistants is thin, and the photo gallery scene is non-existent most of the year (at least I've rarely seen signs of life outside of Basel).  But as I've said many times before, standing on the beach in mid-January, when the weather is a chilly 74, you feel like a genius.

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