Curtain call

December 9th, 2009
bwsb1 Well if there wasn't for bad luck we wouldn't have any luck at all... or something like that. I was pretty busy in November for Business Week's SmallBiz magazine shooting for freelance photo editor Jane Clark (rumor has it she has now moved on to Smart Money). Just a week after I rushed in my final files for the new Dec/Jan issue seen above and below new owners Bloomberg shut the door on SmallBiz; thankfully no staff was fired. cerbone2 cerbone3 platinum1 First up I shot a package on corporate diversity in the NYC area, visiting the fine folks at Neil Cerbone Associates and Double Platinum ad agency, both gay-owned businesses certified by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Despite taking place in boring offices we managed to find some fun and weird elements to incorporate into each shoot and the subjects were a great pleasure to work with. And fair warning out there: if I find a giant roll of packing bubbles I'm going to use it! bwsb4 After the success of the first two shoots I was called back to shoot the cover for the issue down in FL on a story about business financing during the credit crunch caused by the meltdown. Honestly I'm really upset with the pre-press/toning for this cover (my final file is above right) which is completely off from what I shot and delivered (the image of Neil Cerbone got abused as well), but c'est la vie. The cover feature was for a story that had already been shot once, but they now wanted a different look. Unlike the vast majority of my work, the editors and art director had a very clear idea of what they wanted (background, props, etc) so I tried to make a mark on the details & lighting. We still managed a few different ideas and had fun, but it was a crazy shoot because the whole thing took place inside a refrigerated room at Field of Flowers florist in Davie, FL. That's right, cover shoot inside a flower freezer... it was cold. Big thanks to the subjects and my buddy Matt who assisted me for their energy and endurance. Here are a couple more of the Flipse family that I liked: bwsb3

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  1. Too bad about the toning on the cover! Your originals look good though. And yes, it WAS cold. Still thawing out.

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