Iron Man

March 16th, 2010
So gather 'round gang and I'll share the secret to becoming a massive success in business (and beyond?!)... wake your sorry asses up when the sun ain't shining! In January Inc. photo editor Travis Ruse sent me to do just that and meet up with Jordan Zimmerman whose eponymous advertising agency, Zimmerman Advertising, is the nation's largest. Jordan's secret learned in college is that he doesn't need any sleep past about 3 a.m. So every day he gets a 3-5 hour jump on his competition and that really adds up. Apparently that Seinfeld episode where Kramer tries as much and fails miserably doesn't apply here. Even more secrets of the truly successful are shared in Inc's March issue - America's Most Productive CEO's. It's always a treat to work with Travis because his passion (the dude is talented in his own right) for documentary photography is abundant and he lets you go get it done on assignment for him. We decided that our entire shoot should be shot available light (sort of tough when there is none) and it was a lot of fun to be patient and wait on opportunities, which is of course the risk (that they may never come) when you aren't rolling up the grip truck. At JLP we love our clients who get how much fun it is to strip things back and fire away. Jordan and his training partner (a pro cyclist) Alex were great to work with... even if Jordan did try to drag race his Ferrari vs. my Prius (I lost). Many thanks to the cop who didn't care that I blew through a red light on the way to one of the handful of gyms that Zimmerman haunts every day. The pic above is one of my favorites from the shoot - Jordan waits outside in an empty parking lot for one of the local gyms to open while drinking his hot chocolate (note the very helpful fill via the white coffee lid).

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  1. Chris says:

    very cool, John. all the photos are great!

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