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April 7th, 2011

I've been shooting a new project since the fall with a very un-sexy name (seriously anyone with something better than Specular Reflection Purchase Lasix, give a brother some love in the comments!) Sexy or not, it's been a really fun and challenging essay to shoot because it crashes a few of my passions all together: architecture, the fun of wandering around NYC, and the fickle radiance of reflected light. Lasix from canadian pharmacy, After moving here almost 2 years ago I wanted to work on something personal that was really grounded in the city. My first couple of ideas didn't really pan, buy Lasix from canada, Lasix for sale, but then one day I started thinking about something I once read about how a certain angle of light hitting some people's eye can cause them to instantly sneeze. Later I remembered my first trip to New York as a kid and the blinding brilliance of light I remember experiencing as I walked down the street on a sunny day with my grandfather, Lasix trusted pharmacy reviews. What is Lasix, The light seemed so much brighter than Florida (which is saying something) because it came from every direction at once.

Specular Reflection is a homage to NYC and it's motley styles of architecture (and people) all lit by reflected sunlight, Purchase Lasix. Finding the right light for the project is a challenge and I've missed a lot more images than I've made by arriving to a spot maybe 15 minutes too late (I have a notebook full of cross streets, effects of Lasix, After Lasix, times, and dates), low dose Lasix. Taking Lasix, Either the quality isn't right or maybe the size of reflection (if it's really big usually it doesn't look different enough from regular sunlight). Over the winter I've had tons of bluebird sunny days to shoot but of course everyone wears a big ugly dark coat and the project was stuck in idle, where can i cheapest Lasix online. About Lasix, Now that spring is finally arrived I'm stepping on the gas and wearing out my New Balances.

So here's the beginning of Specular Reflection (seriously please help with the title), Lasix pics. Lasix no prescription,

. Lasix brand name. Rx free Lasix.

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8 Responses to “Purchase Lasix”

  1. Chad Coleman says:

    I like the project, John, but no help on the name for now. Cheers!

  2. John Loomis says:

    Thanks a lot Chad!

  3. Miguel says:

    Very cool, good luck with the name though!

  4. John Loomis says:

    Thanks Miguel – a few suggestions have come in: City Lights, Bright Lights Big City, Through a Glass Brightly

  5. steve Smith says:

    Pedestrian Pointillism.

  6. steve smith says:

    I’ve been thinking about your Specular Reflections and realize I have been collecting photos like this myself. After yesterdays suggestion of Pedestrian Pointillism I’m going to dust off mine and assemble a collection. Thank for the inspiration and the title!

  7. Martin Fuchs says:

    I love those last two images!

  8. John Loomis says:

    Thanks a lot Martin!

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