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January 18th, 2012

My favorite new client of 2011 was Golf Digest Buy Ventolin No Prescription, -- Christian, Kerry, & Matt you all rawk -- and one of the most challenging things I've shot for them are cars for their "Long Drives" feature. And wouldn't you know, cheap Ventolin no rx, Order Ventolin from mexican pharmacy, the only thing in common about two automotive shoots completed near year's end was the bad weather... the rides themselves were worlds apart: the 2012 Chevy Volt and the 2012 Jaguar XJL Supersport (roughly $90, Ventolin no prescription, Ventolin brand name, 000 difference in sticker price).

Having worked with cars a handful of times in the past I know that they aren't easy to shoot well.., Ventolin online cod. Is Ventolin addictive, especially within the normal compromised environments/obstacles of editorial photography. For one, it's truly impossible to have enough lights for a car shoot.., Buy Ventolin No Prescription. unless you sort of approach it like I did and focus on finding interesting locations and going from there, real brand Ventolin online. After Ventolin, Then hopefully, even if each wheel is not lit just right, buy Ventolin without prescription, Ventolin pharmacy, a story and a context trump pure, chromed-up aesthetics, buy Ventolin from mexico. Ventolin class,

Though we had to hustle around in Sarasota, FL for the Jaguar (featured in the Feb, Ventolin pics. Buy no prescription Ventolin online, 2012 issue out now), shooting the Volt in Washington D.C, order Ventolin online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy Ventolin No Prescription, was a nutty late-night affair that found us all alone in an underpass dodging cops wondering what in the hell we were thinking. The weather of our actual shoot day went from bad to worse and so we decided to give it a rip late the night before and were rewarded with a really nice vibe.

Golf Digest subscribers can check out a sweet new aspect to these shoots in the iPad edition of the magazine as I've started to do some motion of the cars as well. Nothing ground breaking but it adds even more challenge to these gigs.


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