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March 28th, 2012

Continuing on with the new stuff from Bloomberg BusinessWeek is my profile on NYC-based drug company Help Remedies Prednisolone No Rx, and their design conscious co-founders Richard Fine and Nathan Frank. Super cool and "totally open to crazy ideas" subjects (not to mention ones with several thousand empty pills lying around the office) are a pretty rare breed in the business world, fast shipping Prednisolone, Order Prednisolone online c.o.d, so it was especially fun to hang out at HR HQ on assignment for PE Diana Suryakusuma.

Help is doing with pharma what American Apparel has done with t-shirts, Prednisolone steet value, Prednisolone for sale, creating a youthful, somewhat irreverent design-heavy generic product focused on brand message, Prednisolone mg. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, It was cool talking about the way in which drug companies are so terrible at telling the powerful stories that their drugs play a role in creating, and also cool hustling in their sleek space to do a bunch of fun portrait set-ups, Prednisolone price, Prednisolone from canadian pharmacy, reportage around the office, and product shots, purchase Prednisolone for sale. Rx free Prednisolone, The only uncool part of the shoot was the office dog Normal, seen below between Richard and Nathan, Prednisolone forum, Prednisolone blogs, who really didn't care for me. Enjoy this bonus behind the scenes snap (courtesy @brianharkin) of me hovering over our fearless subjects in a sea of pills, order Prednisolone from mexican pharmacy. Prednisolone from mexico,

. Canada, mexico, india.

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