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June 4th, 2012

Though I've been back from my most recent western trip in support of my Ventolin Price, Pioneers. project for more than a week, I still haven't really digested the journey (or even developed the film). Somewhere between the huge lack of sleep, Ventolin use, 3300 miles of driving, multiple freelance assignments, Ventolin street price, long flights, and far too much Mexican food, I picked up a bug and have been a bit sick since getting back... also it's pretty clear that on this one I might have bitten off more ground than I could safely chew at one time, Ventolin pics.

My official plan was to cover much of southern California and the whole of Arizona in about 10 days... which was shrunk by aforementioned assignment work (not that I'm complaining but it's a compromise that does have consequences.., Ventolin Price. oh to be a Guggenheim fellow or the like and not give a shit about hustling for cash). Ventolin coupon, Even if Arizona was a tiny state (for the record, as a former intern at The Arizona Republic newspaper, I knew for a fact that it certainly is not), southern California is massive and has a few of those mountain range thingies.., order Ventolin online overnight delivery no prescription. so basically my rental car mileage (and gas bills) truly became an epic thing.

This trip had a few new smart ideas that will become a regular part of my plan as I move forward with Pioneers... Ventolin Price, and a few new ways of thinking about what the project is and will need to become. Ventolin interactions, Nothing ground breaking, but with a project of this size there is always structural shoring up that must happen in order to really get to the point where you can easily say "this is right, and this other thing is interesting but doesn't work for this project." Otherwise you're just constantly spinning your wheels, which while fun and beautiful when in such dramatic landscapes, Ventolin maximum dosage, is a waste of time, money, Australia, uk, us, usa, and spirit.

Somewhere along the 3300 miles (which is 500 more miles than the total driving distance between NYC and LA!!!), I got pretty exhausted of searching desolate and urban landscapes and saying no to myself. I passed a lot more potential images that I knew were just not going to work (even if I waited for the best possible light) than I ever have before.., order Ventolin online c.o.d. which was good and also somewhat depressing. Because there was so much more ground to cover (maybe 50% more than I did in Nevada), I had to be choosier and more pragmatic.., Ventolin Price. which doesn't mean I didn't also make several very lengthy side trips down what ultimately became dead ends (including one totally insane one miles down a dry river bed in my rented 4x4 SUV (seen below) trying to find an abandoned mining camp, Buy Ventolin without prescription, which ultimately, after I came to my senses miles later and managed to turn around in a 156-point turn over boulders, concluded with being buzzed multiple times by a F-22 fighter jet out of Edwards AFB at only about 75 feet altitude... the jet, Ventolin blogs, I think, was just messing around in a nearly empty valley on an early Monday morning). Buy generic Ventolin, There were some high points... the eclipse was cool (I didn't photograph it really, but it was cool to see and experience other far more geekier amateur photographers hauling out telescopes and gnarly gear) and the north rim of the Grand Canyon and the PCH up through Big Sur were both absolutely incredible. Ventolin Price, I also had a really good macchiato in Bisbee, AZ which I wouldn't have guessed was possible. Driving in and around Phoenix wasn't cool.., where can i buy Ventolin online. at all. Yuma wasn't the hole that I remembered it to be. Ventolin from canadian pharmacy, Monterey is a silly place and far too expensive. I don't want to move to Fresno, though I'd be perfectly happy in LA for a while, etc, etc, Ventolin Price.

I definitely got some new stuff (images, and a sweet hubcap - though my wife said no to the cowboy rifle I wanted to buy) for the project but in a sense this trip and the vastness of the west only emphasized how truly huge and massive an undertaking the Pioneers project is, which of course corresponds to the immensity of our western states itself, Ventolin dose. Some people use the phrase "western half" but that's completely ridiculous... ain't no half at all.

Pioneers. Ventolin Price, will certainly continue but my approach might need/have to change. I think it's time for some other sort of travel structure through these states... maybe a small RV or camper or something. A bike would be novel but would take years. But something to slow me down to the point that I can't throw 5-10 days per state(s) but have to remove myself for 2-3 weeks and really breathe it in and let the west click in my brain might be what I need. You can't demand the west, these truly ancient vistas and rocks from the dawn of time and certainly before our own existence and perspective, to reveal itself on a schedule, especially a NYC-centric one, Ventolin Price.

Logistically I'll get this newest batch of film... the few dozen rolls I shot of 220... developed and will sort it into what I've already put together. After that I think the project might go radio silent until it gets to a point of true significance and I can roll it out on the sort of stage that I've dreamt all along of showcasing it via... Ventolin Price, REALLY big gallery prints, or maybe a monograph of some sorts. I'll still talk about the process and share some stuff, but there has to be something new for you and me and it'll be better for both of us if you haven't seen all of the sausage made. Above/below some of the places I set up my daily office along the trip... from my Instagram feed.


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