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June 24th, 2012

Out this week in the August issue of Men's Health Celebrex No Rx, is my shoot with golf champion Rory McIlroy for the magazine's Best Life opener. The magazine and I really wanted this shoot to be more about Rory's personality and unique status as one of the world's premier young athletes, with a pretty amazing life to go along with it, Celebrex overnight, than about his prowess on the course (and certainly we weren't going to hide him inside of a sponsor hat). Where can i cheapest Celebrex online, We only used a club on one of the set-ups (we had to scramble to even find a club, I think it was a 7 iron) and even that was a pretty silly version... as we had him chip from the whirlpool and kick up as much water as possible while hitting practice balls several dozen times (most of the water fell directly on my buddy and first Scott Cook who as a true pro only said "the water feels great, purchase Celebrex online, it's hot out here" as he blocked the camera just after I fired each time)

Hard to stress enough how much of a down-to-Earth and relaxed guy Rory is, Celebrex recreational, as is his whole team and family (his dad was there to receive us and couldn't have been more welcoming while we waited for Rory to get back from his workout). A recent cover story had just been published talking about Rory's pelvic pistons (something to do with his swing - "Rory's Real Power Move") and we gave him plenty of shit, though him and I also bonded over our interest in Polish women (Polish/Swiss in his case), doses Celebrex work. Our team for the shoot was also great and plenty chill and though you never have enough time on these things, we packed it full of set-ups and laughs, Celebrex No Rx. Thanks to stylist Michael McGeehan and hair/makeup Karen Panoch. Order Celebrex no prescription,

In these sort of shoots with big name subjects (assuming there is more than 15 mins) I try to begin with a really simple set-up to let the shoot get started in a natural way, have everyone sort of focus in, including myself, online buying Celebrex hcl. Ultimately Rory was so chill and we were having so much fun it didn't really matter, Celebrex cost, but it can make the difference. Then you have to go into what is going to be the most complicated part of the shoot, because nothing will work right and you'll have to spend a lot of time fine tuning no matter how many light tests you did beforehand, low dose Celebrex. Celebrex No Rx, I intentionally designed the light for the chip shot and the overhead shot to be almost identical so that we could transition as quickly as possible... those little things add up. Celebrex for sale,

And if you started off with something simple and built up, and built up, then you not only gave the subject a chance to have fun and be collaborative, purchase Celebrex online no prescription, but you also gave yourself time to come up with things further and further out there. Where can i buy cheapest Celebrex online, In our case that was directing Rory to check out the greek statues' ass and then proceed to try to hit on her/pick her up. If you started there obviously it would never work, it would feel completely forced, fast shipping Celebrex.

Big ups to photo editors Joe Rodriguez and Jeanne Graves at Men's Health for the call. Taking Celebrex, Below is a short little behind the scenes video from our shoot with Rory.


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