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June 26th, 2012

Clomid Price, A few days tardy, this is part 2 of favorites from the recent Pioneers. O Pioneers. Clomid trusted pharmacy reviews, trip... here we haul ass into Tucson and down to Bisbee and the Mexican border, north through the innards of Arizona and the awful Phoenix, buy Clomid without prescription, up into fresh air at Flagstaff and Page, Rx free Clomid, then along the north rim of the Grand Canyon, zipping past Vegas on the other side and skirting aliens back up western Nevada, then falling down another ridge into the bowels of Death Valley before whipping back to L.A, buy no prescription Clomid online. and a red-eye home.

There were strange moments as you can imagine, Clomid Price. Purchase Clomid, My iPhone lost track of time in Page and woke me up an hour earlier than it was supposed to, which isn't a big deal unless you were supposed to wake up at 4 a.m. (I was) and instead you are trying to figure out why the fuck waffle house is closed (because its 3 a.m.), fast shipping Clomid. In Pinamint Valley (below in the long highway seen from above), Online buy Clomid without a prescription, I really dangerously took my rental 4x4 down a insane riverbed looking for an abandoned mine... 3 miles too far I turned around in a ridiculous 345-point turn, and then once finally back to the side "road" I looked up just as a F-22 fighter jet screamed past my windshield at about 75-feet above valley floor, Clomid images. Clomid Price, A couple of seconds later the roar from the jet literally almost knocked me out. It was a beautiful Monday morning in an empty valley so the fighter pilot just buzzed me several times messing around, Clomid photos, turning 90 degrees to just watch my reaction... it was such a crazy break from my "Pioneers" mentality where I am looking at this ancient shit for days and days and then the modern world explodes all around you.

Editing and toning images from this trip feels like it cemented the game plan and approach for the rest of the project, Clomid forum, not just because I'm pretty far along but because I think a common aesthetic language has been developed between the images and my experience of the western landscape. Comprar en lĂ­nea Clomid, comprar Clomid baratos, Increasingly it also feels important that in the future a new focus will be (as I also continue to knock off huge pieces of mileage in rural states like Montana and Idaho) to incorporate cities and the edges of development into the project in a bigger way. Because of timing and other commitments I wasn't able to shoot in and around Los Angeles and the valley like I was hoping (plus the traffic is so horrendous), Clomid Price. But I think there are some really great pictures there waiting for Pioneers, especially within the context of water management and it's role in the creation of our modern west (so many of the images have already followed the Colorado, Clomid trusted pharmacy reviews, and again below we see Horseshoe Bend... Purchase Clomid for sale, you can't tell but there are 2 campers at the river's bend and their kayaks... can't wait to see that detail in a massive print).

Some planning is being done on another Pioneers trip in the near future, buy Clomid from canada. Nothing definitive now, Clomid dosage, but even though this last trip was exhausting, the results have been satisfying and I want to push things a little harder. In the mean time, please enjoy and I'll be back in touch once the project website gets updated with new features that are in progress.


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