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September 12th, 2012

Celebrex Price, We've reached some sort of breaking point in technology. There are stories all over place about connectivity fucking with people's lives, Celebrex recreational, sleep, and thought patterns (I know this because I read about it on my iPad in bed). Products and software is updated regularly even if there is nothing new or truly useful going into the new version (and the new version is always released before the patch is available to make it actually work).., Celebrex without a prescription. and like Pavlov's dog, Celebrex pictures, we are ready to eat whenever someone adds an additional number to the end of some made up word (available for purchase NOW, iSphincter 2. Do the duece!)

Over the last few weeks I've been pouring tons of hours and cash into rehabing my now vintage Mac Pro, online buy Celebrex without a prescription, trying to get into heated discussions with the Mac Geniuses about how Apple has abandoned us professionals (they don't get paid enough for that shit). Apple largely has and the most recent Mac Pro "update" was truly a dick punch, but caring about it is exhausting, Celebrex Price. Celebrex overnight, Shit that was made in 2006 can't really keep up with how we're all working and producing in 2012 but there aren't really any other options.

Meanwhile almost every week camera companies are cranking out yet another generation (that word used to mean something completely different) of cameras with BIG new features, none of which will likely even remotely work as advertised, Celebrex wiki. Megapixels have risen, Ordering Celebrex online, IQ has fallen through the floor. Today I received at least 3 emails about upcoming cameras that could fit in my front pocket, have 20+ megapixels, Celebrex from canadian pharmacy, HD video, Celebrex coupon, no mirror, and costs $3,000, Celebrex price. Celebrex Price, Who in the fuck are they going to sell it to?, and will anyone even care when the camera ends up being sort of shitty (turns out the focus system is completely broken...) or will it even matter as the next storm of PR washes over us for the new-new-new new feature on the all-new Sony NexGoFukUrslvs.

And while I'm sick of Apple (mostly because I didn't have any money to invest in them back in college when the iPod came out and I knew they would make billions), Buy generic Celebrex, I'm also totally flabbergasted by the twitter noise I'm hearing about today's iPhone 5 announcement, and how this new phone (which by all reports is faster, better, Celebrex long term, smarter, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, etc.) is "boring." Why is it boring. Because there is no "killer new feature." I give up...

I get that its super fucking easy to buy things now, rx free Celebrex, and I didn't feel all that guilty backing a half-dozen potentially silly tech Kickstarter projects this year, Celebrex online cod, but really I'm done with toys. I don't want "new killer features"... I don't want anything that requires me to become an expert to even dream of making it work for me, Celebrex Price. I just want reliable tools that make my life easier so that I can do the shit that I want to do, make a living, and keep in touch with the people I care about.

Tech companies (software, hardware, or anyware in between), please slow down and finish fixing your last product before you move on to the next one, regardless of what new features you are trying to chase like a dog does its tail. Fuck your panoramic modes, thinner models, EVFs, and data clouds... just make the thing work. right. every time.

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  1. Russell says:

    Nice post here, John. Not sure how this relates but we watched Sleeper last week. Woody Allen: “I’ve been asleep 200 years? I bought Polaroid at 7.”

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