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October 9th, 2012

Clomid Cost, Part 2 of my coverage for ESPN's "DC Issue" - capturing some of the atmosphere of Nationals Park and the Nats fans as they push into the playoffs. In the last post I had just finished a whirlwind portrait shoot pre game (smack in front of other media members and photographers). After thanking my subject we quickly began breaking down our set-ups and then rolled out all of our lighting gear out of the stadium (field, long hallway, longer hallway, Order Clomid from mexican pharmacy, cargo elevator, long hallway, outside, long sidewalk, across the street, parking lot next to cement factory) and back to the rental studio, get Clomid. Meanwhile I stayed put, switching gears and equipment (more a mental switch than purely tool-box oriented) and started to roam the stadium looking for fan inspiration.

As you can see above (in a pic from maybe the 6th inning of game 1 of the double-header), Nationals Park was far from full on the Wednesday games. Worse than far from full, it was sort of one of those games were everyone is way more interested in hanging out than in cheering or doing anything all that whacky, Clomid Cost. Buy cheap Clomid no rx, But I walked, and walked, and walked, and walked. To shoot atmosphere I was supposed to stay in either the field level camera positions along 1st and 3rd bases (truly great at Nationals Park for shooting action, but not great for getting up close and personal with interesting fans - the ones with crappy seats) or stay strictly in the main concourse (dodging lines of people either getting more beer or taking a bathroom break), where can i find Clomid online. Regardless of your access there is no substitute for walking and looking and walking and looking and walking and looking.

Game 1 was pretty much a bust, but by the beginning of game 2 on Wednesday fans were filing in late as the night took over. Clomid Cost, I kept looking, hoping, and returning to field level occasionally to try and get certain players that the magazine wanted me to focus on. The atmosphere assignment is basically designed to really confuse and perhaps piss off all of the regular pro action shooters at any sporting event. Purchase Clomid for sale, On any particular play you will be pointed in a completely different direction than they are because your intent and client have almost no interest in the outcome of that play or even of the final score. Wire service, newspaper, etc. shooters are busting their hump to get each hit, each interesting fielding play, after Clomid, etc., and you're doing the equivalent of picking daisies out there. The worst place to be shooting "atmosphere" is at high pressure events like major golf tournaments, because those working pros are downright hostile (you would be too if you were loaded up with more gear than a sherpa), Clomid Cost.

The double-header comes and goes (Nats & Dodgers split the games) and at the end I'm pretty worried that I'm not getting much. There isn't any jube, Buying Clomid online over the counter, there isn't much fan reaction, there isn't much, uh, atmosphere. But I hold out hope because I have a Saturday day game yet to shoot where there should be a huge crowd and beautiful weather. Fast forward to Friday night and the forecast calls for possible thunderstorms, buy Clomid without a prescription. Clomid Cost, Luckily the storms hold off and Saturday looks promising after all. I arrive into DC the night before by train and in the morning zip over to the ballpark with even more "Action Photographer" gear. Got my Batman beltpacks with all of the accessories, my big damn lenses with even bigger lens hoods; I'm feeling good and I'm at the ballpark several hours before game time hoping for some batting practice to get things rolling (both the Nats and today's foe, the Brewers, Clomid from canada, decide not to take it). In the last couple of days the Nats have clenched their playoff berth and had an epic Thursday night battle which apparently, so I'm told, was "the game to shoot, man!" I was back in NYC stressing out about my assignment.

Before the game I'm already out walking and looking, Clomid treatment, trying to shoot scenics from above of the scale and size of the beautiful park (Nationals Park really is a nice one). By the time the fans are allowed in I'm loaded up on coffee and on the prowl, Clomid Cost. Saturday is pup day at the park so there are some very cute canines dressed in Nats jerseys (not exactly what I'm looking for, but sure, I'll brave the landmines to spend some time shooting the happy owners and pets). Clomid duration, I catch up with Teddy Roosevelt (one of the iconic Presidents mascots for the Nats) and spent almost an hour walking around with him doing his pregame meet and greets (several of them are completely empty). It can not be stressed enough how much dogs do not like Teddy or any of the Presidents.

And then it's all a blur, total autopilot mode. Clomid Cost, Running up and down between the concourses, back to the field, shooting a bit more action, a bit more long lens fan stuff, a bit more of everything, really. Art direction has switched a little more back to the players I'm told before the game, so I'm looking for high fives and 'ataboys, what is Clomid. The Nats are up early and keep piling it on. No one is really getting their drink on in any helpful photographic way (at least that I can find). There aren't any elaborate Nats tattoo art, nor can I find anyone who wants to dump a pitcher of beer over their head while screaming for the Nats (strange, Clomid pharmacy, that). But its a good clean day of baseball and Gio Gonzalez is pitching very well on his way to getting his 20th win of the season, Clomid Cost. By the 7th or 8th I'm back on the field with the madding crowd of shooters, waiting for the, fingers crossed, jubilation of Gio's win. Strasburg has made a surprise lengthy appearance in the dugout, order Clomid from United States pharmacy, all smiles, and the photographers are gorging on it like its shark week. Then the final pitch and Gio's being mobbed on the field, there is a gatorade bath which partly hits me while I'm slapping a flash on my camera (it came from my blindside so I got screwed), Buy Clomid online cod, and in trying to avoid it I step a single toe on the grass and am promptly yelled by a security guard. The crowd is thinning by the second, the moment is over, Nats win, but real atmosphere isn't here in a city in love with football.

Part 3 of my coverage coming up tomorrow in a trip out to RGIII-land.

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