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April 10th, 2013

Out in the May 2013 issue of Golf Digest Purchase Advair, is my portrait of PGA tour golfer Scott Langley which ended up being one of the more complex and fun shoots of the year thus far... tuxedos, violins, buy Advair without prescription, underwater housing, Advair from mexico, HMIs, weight belts, etc, real brand Advair online. The concept for the magazine's column "Think Young, Purchase Advair for sale, Play Hard" was to combine two of Scott's passions (violin, diving) into one aquatic portrait. Hugo Boss shipped in a full tuxedo, buy Advair online no prescription, Ping flew in some clubs, Advair images, we bought a new (cheapo) violin and a whole bunch of accessories to keep things as straight as possible (sinkers for his pockets in the suit, etc.)

I've shot several underwater stories, but I'm not an underwater shooter, Advair natural, clearly. Advair class, So instead of going for perfection (which either means a plexi water tank in a controlled studio or a very long day in a pool with a huge posse of assistants and a whole lot of customized underwater gear that is impossible to source/afford on most editorial time tables) I just wanted to go for my normal mix of energy and spontaneity. Thankfully Scott was game and after a lot of trial and error we got a system down that allowed him to get in position and hold it underwater for as long as possible, Purchase Advair. We weren't using scuba or surface air, so it was a lot of 1, Advair trusted pharmacy reviews, 2, Advair use, 3... holding breaths, and making it work in our short 3-hour window, where can i cheapest Advair online. And of course we mixed in some above the pool fooling around to give us more looks. Canada, mexico, india, One part of my plan (because of scheduling we had to shoot mid-morning and couldn't simply wait until dusk or night) did fail miserably, and the multiple HMI's I rented were completely useless against the morning ambient (even though we were in shadow), especially when combined with the refraction of the light as soon as it hit the water's surface (2 extremely powerful HMI's, Advair reviews, focused to their most intense were about equal to holding a iPhone over the surface of the water and hoping to get some light from it 6 feet under). Purchase Advair, My other plan to use the pool covers to knock down almost all the light was a non-starter on safety and insurance grounds (and a pretty dumb idea). Advair street price, Therefore my key lights ended up being the stroke kit (seen below along with my assistant/brother Ryan getting into position) on the housing which wasn't ideal but at least gave us some much needed contrast.

There are a lot of other technical factors involved, but that's pretty boring, Advair treatment. Really it came down to solving problems, managing energy, and trying to just have fun with it. Many thanks to director of photography Christian Iooss for the call on this really fun shoot; here are a few more.


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2 Responses to “Purchase Advair”

  1. Scott Langley says:

    This was so fun to be a part of and I loved the way the photos turned out for golf digest. What a cool and crazy experience to do an underwater photo shoot. Normally as a golfer I try and stay away from water but this one I had to try! Thanks again!

  2. John Loomis says:

    Thanks so much, Scott – best of luck on the tour!

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